I am FINALLY going to eat a PURE Carnivore Diet…

The carnivore diet, as the name suggests, is all about eating meat and other animal products. If the food came from something that could fly, walk or swim, it’s fair game, and you can have it morning, noon, and night. [1] It means beef, pork, chicken, fish, and turkey are all very dominant foods in my refrigerator.A lot of the popularity comes from the fact that the carnivore diet effectively makes you feel better and provides the nutrients that bodybuilders need in large quantities, i.e., protein and energy (we’ll get into all the benefits further down).Here are some examples:
Red Meat: Pork, Beef, Lamb, and Game
White Meat: Turkey, Chicken, Fish, and Seafood
Organ Meat: Liver, Kidney, Bone Marrow, Heart
Eggs: Chicken, Duck, and Goose Eggs
Dairy: Butter, Cheese, and CreamI generally recommend sticking with 3 meals per day when on a carnivore diet. After about 2 weeks, your metabolism will adapt and become more efficient at sourcing energy from fats.
This means that you should not be avoiding the fatty cuts of meat, as you’ll need to eat animal meat to fuel your body and brain, like what happens when you’re on a ketogenic diet.