Kidnapping – 3 Life-Saving Techniques ( Women’s Self-Defense Basics )

The best way to protect your child from getting abducted from home is having you or another trusted adult supervise them when they are outside. This not only prevents kidnappers from driving up to the house altogether, but can also help catch the person if they do still manage to kidnap your child. Something as minimal as a car size and color can greatly help police nab the suspect. This idea applies to watching your kids while at the park, or in any other open space that is close to a street. Parks are vulnerable to strangers who can drive by and kidnap children.
In all, educating your children and being vigilant about their activities and the behaviors of others is how we can prevent abductions and kidnappings. Keep an eye out for suspicious behaviors of those close to you and your child, as those people are the most likely to abduct your child. Strangers are less likely to take your child, even though that is the most common fear. Although it is more unlikely, it is still a possibility that strangers kidnap children, and teaching your children preventative measures as well as what to do if placed in that situation is always a good idea and will never do any harm, but only good. Teaching your children to run away and scream if they feel they are being lured, or simply being with your child and watching over them when outside can stop would-be kidnappers from abducting your child.These days, parents must be adaptable and remain up-to-date on new technologies. By staying up-to-date on the threats your children may encounter online, you can help prevent them from getting in dangerous situations by talking to them beforehand. With the right knowledge, parents can establish ground rules for online web surfing, email, and instant messaging. The chances of your child being more web savvy than you are high, so if you take the time to get informed on the latest trends and social media sites, you can talk to your child or teen about the dangers and risks of each, and how online predators can still lure them in and stage kidnappings. It is for this reason that staying informed and reading up on parental blockers and safe websites is important in protecting your child even when you are not there.