LIVE LONGER and Feel Better By Using These HEALTHY LIVING Tips From Ben Bikman | Health Theory

Having diabetes won’t necessarily change someone’s life expectancy — it’s how diabetes progresses. For every individual, diabetes is going to progress differently,” says Joanne Rinker, RD, CDE, director of practice and content development at the American Association of Diabetes Educators. “If it progresses at an extremely slow rate, because diabetes is so individualized, it might be so slow that it does not impact their life expectancy whatsoever.”
Instead of thinking only about how diabetes will impact your life span, experts suggest that people with the condition should take a broader look at their overall health. “Diabetes is not a singular disease that one should focus on. Focus on how you can improve the different risk factors that can impact the functioning of the heart and other organs,” says Medha Munshi, MD, director of geriatric diabetes programs at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. “It’s important to think, ‘What are the factors that would impact my length of life?’”

Some factors, such as genes, can’t be changed, but modifying diet, exercise, and smoking habits can have positive health effects when it comes to managing diabetes, and have been associated with an increase of life span, according to a study published in June 2017 in the journal Diabetic Medicine.