Lower Back Pain? Try These 3 Weird Stretches

Supine TwistThis stretch can help you reduce the lower back pain and stretch the glutes, which become tight when facing the lower back pain and cause more pain. Thus, it is one of the magical lower back stretches.

Use the Following Steps to Perform This Exercise:

  1. Start by lying on the back with your knees and be flat on the floor.
  2. Expand your arms to the side in a ‘T’ position.
  3. Keep the shoulders on the ground as you roll the knees to one side. 
  4. If the stretch is tough, you can also use a pillow or blankets under the knees. 
    • Child’s PoseChild’s Pose is a popular yoga for back pain that stretches the Child’s Pose and works the lower back muscles in two different directions.
    • Start by being seated at a table with your hands down.
    • Lay flat on the floor and extend your arms in front of you.
    • Now lean back from your heels to your hips, lowering your head & chest as your arms stretch farther toward the wall.
    • Put a cushion below the belly if the stretch is hard for you. 
    • Be in this pose for around 30 seconds. Cat/Cow StretchTo extend tight muscles and ease discomfort, this dynamic practice engages the low-back muscles in 2 directions and creates on Child’s Pose.
    • How to Execute Cat/Cow Stretch
    • Use the following steps:
    • Start in the tabletop position with your knees and hands beneath your hips and shoulders.
    • The spine must be in a parallel position.
    • Now, turn your back and stretch the center between the shoulder blades like a cat.
    • Be in the position for 5 seconds and then let the stomach touch downwards smoothly and there also stay for five seconds.
    • You need to repeat these for 30 seconds or more. 
    • The Pelvic Tilt
      • When you face lower back pain, you may feel like the whole pelvic area is stagnant. 
      • Through this stretch, you can feel the movement back. 
      • Steps to perform this exercise
      • Start by being on the yoga mat by bending the knees and taking flat feet on the ground.
      • Now, relax the lower back and be in an unaligned location.
      • Engage your your abdominals, then tilt your pelvis slightly upward to flatten your low back against the floor.   
      • Repeat the exercise around 15 times.
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