My 6am Stretching Exercises (Do this Every Morning)

Reduce muscle soreness and increases your flexibility
Have you woken up just feeling sore because you slept funny or you’re getting older? If you haven’t tried stretching you should consider it in the morning as it can help reduce your soreness while increasing your flexibility. It will help prevent the muscle from causing you further pain.ncreases your range of motion
Stretching regularly can help increase your range of motion, especially after a full nights rest you might find yourself a bit stiff in the morning. Taking the time to do a few stretches can help reduce your stiff/sore muscles and improve range of motion. It may also pay dividends in that you might feel less stiff every day the more you stretch.Improves your posture
Muscle tightness might lead to imbalances and are common cause poor posture. A combination of strengthening, balance, and stretching specific muscle groups can reduce body pain and encourage proper alignment which may help improve your posture.
6 Benefits of stretching in the morning