NEVER DO SQUATS LIKE THIS! | 10 Most Common Mistakes!

If you don’t complete the exercise through its full range of motion—all the way down until your thighbone is parallel with the floor—you won’t fully engage your glutes and the upper part of your hamstrings, says Montenegro. Basically, you won’t get a better butt. To train your body to complete the entire move, try practicing some squats in front of a knee-high box or step. Lower your body until your butt just barely touches the box, and then push back up.If you aren’t regularly switching up your foot positions, you aren’t taking advantage of what a versatile exercise the squat really is, says Montenegro. For instance, if you stand with your feet closer than shoulder-width apart, you’ll target your glutes. Take a wide stance, and you’ll work those hard-to-tone inner thighs. Move one leg forward a bit, and your booty will burn. Interested? Here are seven squat variations you NEED to try.