NEVER Eat These 3 Foods After Age 50 (A must know)

Berries provide “one-stop nutrition” for the over-50 crowd because they’re high in fiber, vitamin C and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant flavonoids. “Fiber helps keep us regular, manage our weight and protect against diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer,” says registered dietitian nutritionist Nancy Farrell Allen, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Men 51 or older should eat 30 grams a day, and women 50 years or older should eat 21 grams a day.An Australian study published in March 2021 in the Journal of Nutrition found that people who ate just one cup of nitrate-rich leafy green vegetables every day had 11 percent stronger lower limbs. Another recent study from Denmark looked at 50,000 people over a 23-year period and found that those who ate these veggies had a 12 to 26 percent lower risk of heart disease. And a third study, published this year in the journal Neurology, found that those with the highest levels of the antioxidants found in green leafy vegetables may be less likely to develop dementia. Fish is also a good source of vitamin B12, a nutrient found only in animal foods that we have a harder time absorbing as we age. “Seafood also has omega-3 fatty acids,” Rosenbloom says. “Two to three servings a week reduce the risk of death for the bulk of chronic diseases by about 17 percent.” For more ideas on healthy proteins — and for other smart options for people at midlife or beyond — check out AARP’s 2022 book The Whole Body Reset, by Stephen Perrine.Nuts and seeds are also important sources of healthy fats. “Walnuts, flax meal and chia seeds all contain ALA omega-3 fats, which are converted to EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids,” says Allen, who notes that regular intake of omega-3 fats will help protect your brain, in particular. A 2021 study out of the University of Michigan paints a stark picture, saying that consuming a hot dog could cost you 36 minutes of healthy life, while eating a serving of nuts instead could give you an extra 26 minutes.