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Sadhguru talks about the importance of learning to be alone if we want togetherness to be rich and rewarding. | Pebbles of Wisdom: If you see, what is wonderful is me & what is nasty is me, transformation is possible. https://insighttimer.com/meditation-topics/wisdominsight.Loneliness is often seen as a negative emotion that can hinder productivity and well-being. However, in a post-COVID world where remote work has become the norm, being alone can actually drive your success. Research suggests that there is a surprising link between loneliness and productivity.Loneliness can trigger a heightened sense of responsibility and urgency, which can drive individuals to be more productive and take necessary steps to achieve their goals. According to a study by Kearney, Gebert, & Voelpel (2009), lonely individuals tend to engage in more proactive behaviors and take greater initiative to achieve their goals. These behaviors can help drive success, especially in remote work where self-motivation is crucial.Additionally, being alone can lead to increased creativity. When individuals are alone, they tend to have more time and space to think deeply and explore new ideas, as found by Baumeister and Leary (1995). This can lead to innovative solutions to problems and drive success in a rapidly changing world.

Chronic loneliness can lead to negative health outcomes such as depression and anxiety, which can impair productivity and well-being. To prevent harmful isolation, maintaining social connections and seeking support are key.

To harness the benefits of productive loneliness, use it as a motivator to take action towards your goals. Embrace a sense of urgency and responsibility, and take proactive steps to achieve your goals.