Psychologists tell us that we are programmed to seek out consistent behavior from those around us to help us make sense of the chaotic world we’ve been born into.

This isn’t just about seeking familiarity and comfort. This is a tool for survival – one that is deeply rooted in the human psyche.

The trust that we develop shapes our relationships from the earliest stages.

They are two-faced.

We’ve all come across our fair share of this type of behavior.

When a person is with you, they’ll be as nice as pie. But when your back is turned, they won’t think twice about criticizing what you do and say.

They won’t hold back on sharing any juicy nuggets of gossip about you, either.

As soon as you detect this kind of behavior, it’s time to make a sharp exit from the relationship to protect yourself.

 They turn their back on you in public.

When you’re alone or in unfamiliar situations with this type of person, you’ll find they’re friendly and apparently enjoy your company.

By contrast, when you find yourselves among their own crowd or among people whom they’re trying to impress, they won’t give you the time of day.

They’ll act as if you’ve barely ever met.

This kind of behavior indicates that they’re trying to get something from you in some way or other.

Their interest in you is just superficial.

 They breach confidentiality.

Most of us have childhood memories of swearing a close friend to secrecy, only for them to spill the beans minutes later.

We usually learn from our mistakes and mend our ways, realizing that confidentiality, when asked for and agreed to, is sacred.

Someone who moves into adulthood without having learnt the art of keeping a secret certainly isn’t to be trusted.

If a person is keen to share someone else’s confidences with you, you can be sure of their untrustworthiness.

After all, they’re actively betraying another person’s trust by telling you.

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