Sleep Experts Debunk 13 More Sleep Myths | Debunked | Science Insider

Cleveland Clinic reports that chronic sleep deprivation can cause heart failure, high blood pressure, depression, low sex drive, and the list continues.
To put things in perspective, how you view and treat misconceptions about sleep could kill you. That sounds harsh but has always been true.his misconception about sleep has been making the rounds. To date, it’s one of the biggest myths about sleep out there, where most people see snooze time as a means to “shut off” the brain, as if it miraculously stops working and then springs back into action after they’ve awakened.Your brain also goes into processing mode. Think of it as a computer. Whatever activities are performed on a device is later processed. When you’re asleep, your brain uses this time to sort and process the information captured during the day.
10 Misconceptions and Myths About Sleep Debunked