STOP Pain Under Knee Cap | Exercises from a Doctor of Physical Therapy

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body, so it’s not surprising that knee pain is common. The activities of daily life can take a toll on your knees. Walking places stress equal to 261% of the body’s weight on the knees. Going down stairs creates pressure equal to 346% of the body’s weight. No wonder that knee pain triggers up to 40% of physical therapy visits. 

Much joint pain is a consequence of aging and osteoarthritis, but persons of all ages can experience knee pain. Weak muscles, tight muscles, or muscle imbalance may cause pain around and under the kneecap, often called anterior knee pain. Inflamed tendons can also cause the knees to hurt. 

Exercise is the best treatment for most arthritic knee pain. It can also help other types of knee pain. You should not try to correct your knee pain with exercise if you have experienced a pop in your knee. Other signs that you need to see a doctor include a knee that swells, buckles, or locks up.