Stress Relief with Simple Foot Massage – ModernMom Massage & Reflexology

Warmup twists are one way to start a foot massage. To use this technique:

  • place the palms on either side of the foot
  • gently pull the right side of the foot forward while pushing the left side back
  • push the left side of the foot back while pulling the right side forward
  • repeat this twisting motion, working the hands from the ankle to the toes

The gentle twisting motion helps warm up the foot in preparation for further massage.

Toe bends may encourage flexibility in the foot. To use this foot massage technique:

  • hold the heel with one hand
  • bend all the toes on one foot back and forth at the same time with the other hand
  • repeat this movement, gently increasing pressure and flexing the toes to their full range of motion

Food spreading may help the foot expand to its natural width. To use this foot massage technique:

  • hold each side of the foot
  • pull each side of the foot outward
  • repeat this motion, allowing the foot to spread