The #1 Best Remedy to Prevent a Heart Attack for $3.19

The benefits of niacin: • It can significantly lower cholesterol • It has potent cardiovascular protection effects • It’s been found to decrease monocytes and other white blood cells and the inflammation that goes along with them • It can lower CRP (a predictor of heart attacks, peripheral vascular disease, and stroke) Niacin inhibits: • Vascular oxidation • Oxidative LDL • Vascular inflammation • Lipid deposits on artery walls • Triglycerides Niacin has the power to slow and reverse arteriosclerosis. It can decrease the mortality risk in people who have cardiovascular disease. It may also prevent endothelial dysfunction and can significantly reduce adhesions in the artery walls. It even increases HDL—known as the “good” cholesterol. Statins are a common medication for high cholesterol. It’s true that statins block and lower cholesterol. But there is no evidence that statins reduce your risk of heart attacks.Statins work by blocking the production of cholesterol. The problem is that you need cholesterol to make bile salts. Without bile salts, you can’t absorb important vitamins. You also need cholesterol to make testosterone. It’s unknown whether statins increase your life or not. But we do know they have a lot of side effects, including: • Blocking coenzyme Q10 (the heart requires coenzyme Q10) • Muscle wasting • Low blood pressure • Heart failure • Muscle aches and pain