The 4 Popular Foods That DESTROY Your Gut! | Dr. Steven Gundry

ugar in all its forms has the potential to be very disruptive to your gut microbiome.
artificial sweeteners bad for gut heath
Although refined sugar and the products that contain it tend to have the worst reputation, it’s not the only offender.
Other types of sugar can be equally bad. Unfortunately, that goes for artificial sweeteners too.
One of the big problems with sugar is the bad bacteria living in the gut feed on it. When you regularly consume sugar, it can cause bad bacteria levels to become so high they overwhelm the good (probiotic) bacteria that are so essential for good health.recent research suggests a specific protein in eggs increases the growth of a bad type of gut bacteria. As with cholesterol, the danger comes from the way it affects the heart.
The bacteria produces a compound that increases the risk of thrombosis, strokes, and heart attacks. Does that mean you should avoid eating eggs? Probably not but it does suggest it may be unwise to eat too many of them too often.A lot of processed foods are high in fat, so they aren’t particularly heart-friendly. However, that’s not the only cause for concern.
Research suggests the emulsifiers many processed foods contain have the potential to disrupt the gut microbiota.  Many of the mice that were fed this type of food for the purposes of one study subsequently developed colitis and metabolic disease.
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