The benefits of good posture – Murat Dalkilinç

One of the most incredible benefits of good posture, has to be the way it can improve your breathing.
It makes sense when you consider that when slouched you’re shortening your abdominal muscles, reducing your ability to breath in fully.
A study in the UK, looked at how seated positions impact professional brass instrument players — a group that needs more oxygen than most!
Through a review of all findings, they concluded that standing up tall can actually increase your oxygen intake by up to 30%.
Interestingly it was also found that a downward sloping seat impacted oxygen levels less than a flat seat.Researchers developed a 12-item Postural Awareness Scale (PAS) to make patients more aware of their body and its position.
By encouraging patients to be more mindful of their posture over an extended period, they found it could reduce pain specifically in the spine and shoulders.
Yoga was also highlighted in the research, as being one of the most beneficial ways to improve your posture.
14 Benefits of Good Posture: Sit Up and Take Note!

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