The ONLY Shoulder Exercises You Need

The shoulder muscles serve a variety of functions, including:
Holding the bones of your shoulder joint in place.
Moving your arms up, down, forward and backward.
Protecting your shoulder joint.
Rotating your shoulder joint.Subscapularis: This muscle attaches to the middle part of your scapula and stretches to the bottom part of the ball of your humerus. A bursa (fluid-filled sac) separates the muscle from the scapula to reduce friction (rubbing) against the bone.
Supraspinatus: This muscle stretches from the top of the scapula to the top of the humerus, at the ball of your shoulder joint.
Infraspinatus: This muscle stretches from the bottom of the scapula and connects to the humerus behind the supraspinatus.
Teres minor: This muscle attaches to the side of the scapula and attaches to the humerus beneath the infraspinatus.