The Perfect Shoulder Exercise (DON’T SKIP THIS!)

Smith Machine Press

We’re going to start this workout with a burst of blood. I use that sissy machine all you real men avoid called the Smith Machine to do some behind-the- neck presses. Using the Smith machine is safer, easier to control, and less likely to cause me to over-rotate my shoulder. I use a wide grip and bring the bar down just to the top of the ear. It’s a good enough range of motion to get the shoulder going. Alternate the behind-the-neck press with sets of close-grip military press.

Scott Press

The Scott press is an interesting variation on a standard shoulder press because it takes the triceps out of the press. To do it correctly, rotate your shoulders forward as the weight is in front of your face. When you bring the weights away from your face and up, pull your shoulders backward as much as possible. It’s sometimes difficult to perform these correctly, but the feeling you get in your shoulders is undeniable.