The REAL Benefit of Nutritional Yeast

B1, which can decrease your stress and increase your energy(4).
B2 and B3, which are good for your skin, digestion, hair, and nails(5).
B6, which is essential for your mitochondria to make energy. Mitochondria are the powerhouses found in most of the cells of your body. Over time, they often degrade due, for example, to poor diet, oxidative stress, and disease – robbing you of your vitality(6).
But note that it doesn’t contain vitamin B12, which is an important vitamin to fortify your blood along with supporting your energy and metabolism and many other important body functions. You’ll need to take vitamin B12 separately; when you do, make sure it’s the natural kind. It should be in the from of Methylcobalamin and not Cyanocobalamin

Nutritional yeast contains minerals vital for your health(8). They are: