The REAL Reasons Why You Should Drink Distilled Water

10 benefits of distilled water
Promotes natural detox within the body
Helps you to avoid chlorine
Improves digestion
Prevents water-borne diseases
Improves health
Improves appearance of your skin and hair
Enhances immune function
Promotes longevity
Enhances brain function and intelligence
Improves cardiovascular and circulation function
It is important to know that these health benefits outweigh the harmful effects of other bottled water. Other bottled water has chlorine in it which has been researched to cause cancer. Many people get water-borne diseases, but drinking distilled water prevents that. Since we use distilled water for detoxification, we must understand that it helps the body to rid itself of harmful substances. To dissolve and eliminate inorganic minerals from your body, the best thing to do is to go on a detox (21 lbs. in 21 days: The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox is the perfect detox to use distilled water with). Let’s face it! Water improves your mind and brain power. People with anxiety, nervous people, mentally upset persons, confused or depressed tend to avoid water and move toward alcohol, tea, coffee, sodas, stimulants and other drugs that complicates the nervous condition by burning, toxic acid from those drinks. The acid that forms in the stomach with no water to dilute it creates more suffering which leads to more depression, heartburn, bloating or gas, and other miseries.
Why Distilled Water is Best