The SURPRISING Way To Reverse A FATTY LIVER | Dr. Mark Hyman

Some of the essential functions of the liver include:
Processing nutrients absorbed by the intestines so they are more efficiently absorbed
Regulating blood composition to balance protein, fat and sugar
Destroying old red blood cells
Producing essential chemicals to help blood clot properly
Breaking down and metabolizing alcohol and medications
Producing essential proteins and cholesterol
Removing toxins from the bloodstream, including bilirubin, ammonia and others
Storing of minerals, iron and vitamin A
Scientists know that for the liver to take care of the body, it must be able to perform optimally.In fact, there are a number of nonalcoholic factors that can lead to cirrhosis of the liver and liver damage, including
Eating uncooked shellfish
Some medications (including acetaminophen)
Chronic malnutrition
Eating poisonous wild mushrooms and exposure to chemicals
Chronic hepatitis BIt is particularly important to consider these researched symptoms if you identify with one or more of the risk factors mentioned above.
Bloating and gas
Acid reflux and heartburn
Skin and/or eyes that are yellowish (a symptom of jaundice)
Inability to lose weight
High blood pressure
Moodiness, anxiety or depression
Dark urine
Chronic fatigue
Excessive sweating
Bruise easily
Poor appetite
Fortunately, you can help improve your liver’s functioning. Through a thorough liver cleanse, you can start to feel better in a matter of a couple of weeks.