Ginger is a rhizome found predominantly in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and Africa. It is one of the most commonly grown herbs, and you can find some form of ginger in almost every dish- be it lunch courses or the morning beverage of tea. Apart from being a delicious condiment to spice up your food, ginger has also been traditionally used for centuries as a medicine to treat a wide variety of discomforts and illnesses.Ginger is good at all times of the day, but it is particularly refreshing in the morning. Ginger is known to aid digestion and sooth tummy troubles, so a little bit of ginger, chewed raw, can go a long way in firing up your metabolism for the rest of the day. If the taste of raw ginger is too strong for you, you can have it in a cup of tea, or maybe make a potent infusion of waterhoneylemon and a few slivers of ginger. This concoction is also known to promote weight loss.Ginger has the unique property of producing heat, which means that it is the perfect condiment to add to your food during winter season. Add it to your cup of tea in the morning or at night, and you will be cozy for a long time to come as the ginger heats your body up from the inside. For variety, add some ginger to your meat dishes and even to your soups; it adds a spicy zing to food and feels heavenly warm when it’s chilly outside.Ginger is a proven antidote to nausea. So, if you have motion or sea sickness, you can carry a few slices of ginger with you while traveling by car or on sea. Pop a sliver into your mouth and such on it when the sickness sets in; the desire to throw up will vanish and you will feel refreshed. Because of this, ginger is a great supplement for pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness, and also for people who are undergoing or recovering from chemotherapy. Besides, the antioxidant propertGinger has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and is also an expectorant. This makes it a perfect addition to your food when you are suffering from a sore throat. A cup of ginger tea at morning and at evening feels great to an inflamed throat, and also helps in relieving the discomfort by reducing the inflammation.
There are literally a hundred things you can do with ginger. Eating it raw is the best way to get the most put of this rhizome, but if the taste is too strong, there is always the option of using ginger powder, ginger paste, and even ginger extract capsules. Add them to your food for more spice and heat for your palate, or take a couple of capsules per day, it’s your call, but make sure to include this miracle rhizome to your daily diet.ies of ginger means that it fights free radicals, which helps it fight cancer.
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