This Ancient Yoga Technique Will Bring MIRACLES Into Your Life! (Shambhavi Mahamudra) – Sadhguru

Relax your mind and body fully, taking a few deep breaths. Now, spend a few minutes observing your mind and choose any particular thought or feeling that catches your attention. Try to know why it is there, what purpose it is serving, what message it has for you and whether you experienced similar feelings before. Without trying to become too involved with it, turn your attention to another thought or feeling as it arises, and repeat the same steps. You can practice this exercise according to your convenience, as long as you want to increase your self-awareness and become familiar with your own thoughts and feelings, which you usually ignore as you are preoccupied with the external world. When you practice it, remember that all thoughts and feelings that you experience are your friends, benefactors, guides and messengers. They arise, not to trouble you, but let you know various facts about your own life and circumstances. Your task is to listen to them and act accordingly, rather than ignoring them or suppressing them.