Top Benefits Of Fasting

One 2015 study found that alternate day fasting trimmed body weight by up to 7 percent, while whole day fasting reduced body weight by up to 9 percent..

Another study, this one out of the University of Southern California, discovered that when 71 adults were placed on a five-day fast (eating between 750 and 1,100 calories a day) once every three months, they lost an average of six pounds, reduced inflammation levels and their waistlines, and lost total body fat without sacrificing muscle mass. 

Fasting has been found to have positive effects on body mass as well as other health markers in professional athletes. This is because, as previously mentioned, it can effectively help shed excess fat while optimizing muscle growth due to HGH production.

Traditionally, athletes are advised to consume high-quality protein half hour after finishing their workouts (post-workout nutrition) to simultaneously build muscle and reduce fat.A study published in the World Journal of Diabetes found that intermittent fasting in adults with type 2 diabetes improved key markers for those individuals, including their body weight and glucose levels. Another study found that intermittent fasting was as effective as caloric restrictions in reducing visceral fat mass, fasting insulin and insulin resistance.Typical intermittent fast times range from 14 to 18 hours. The longest period any one of these plans would require you to abstain from solid food would be about 32–36 hours.

Benefits of Fasting & the Best Types to Try for Better Health