Use food to heal stress and trauma.

Through fruit and fasting, people have even reported healing issues they were born with, or regenerating tissues they were not born with. This dietary approach reaches into the core with our most vital healing intelligence and begins the process, healing at the root. 

There is nothing that cannot be healed. Unless you’ve bought into the medical establishment, where most things are ‘incurable; cause unknown.’ 

Healing ‘Miracles’ on Fruit

I recently heard of a woman who did a 60-something day grape fast, and cured her scoliosis. Another man cured a femur he broke 10 years earlier through diet alone; it was bent at  26 degree angle. A person born without L4 and L5 reportedly regenerated them through this diet. (See Dr. Morse Videos on youtube for these and similar stories). Spines and bones realign; degenerated disks repair themselves; cancer vanishes from the body; the skeleton rediscovers it’s symmetry again; myelin sheaths are repaired; moles and warts fall off. (Some of these have also have been recorded extensively on the Gerson Therapy Diet, a diet that is much different but with some overlapping principles). I consider it an 8 out of 10 on the healing scale.