What Your Sleep Schedule Reveals About You

“Waking up early can potentially mean someone is a morning person who is motivated and ready to face challenges head-on,” Robert Glatter, M.D., an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, Northwell Health, tells Elite Daily. “It’s often a sign of being organizWhat’s more, to someone who’d rather give a public speech than wake up before sunrise, smiling before 10 a.m. is probably unheard of. However, Glatter adds, morning people are generally quite chipper throughout the day, and tend to have a more positive outlook on life.ed, and [of] someone who knows the value of careful planning in forging their life and career path.”There’s a big difference, Brantner tells Elite Daily, and that is that night owls are people who thrive late at night, while sleep procrastinators stay up late just because they can.
“Sleep procrastination is failing to go to bed at the right time when no external forces are keeping you from getting to sleep,” Brantner explains. In other words, instead of getting under the covers, closing your eyes, and legitimately making a decent effort to fall asleep, you’re either scrolling through social media, going down a YouTube rabbit hole, or watching Netflix. You either aren’t interested in sleeping, or might be harboring some anxieties about the next day that you just don’t want to face yet.
Night owls, on the other hand, are more productive at night than they are during the day. “Night owls are creative and productive at night,” Brantner clarifies. “They do their best work at this time.” So if you’re a night owl, you might be catching up on work projects, or tapping into your creative side by dedicating the late hours of the day to labors of love like writing a novel, journaling, or re-organizing your entire closet.