Why Patience is Power | Priceless Benefits of Being Patient

Patience is simply the mindset of saying “no thanks” to anxiety. An impatient person fights reality, letting it create stress, sapping strength. A patient person accepts what is and acts from that place of power.
When I returned from Africa with nothing to show except half my life savings vaporized, I panicked. How would I pay the mortgage on my new house? How could I get back to doing noble work to maintain my identity as a social entrepreneur?
I thought about taking people to court, hiring a private investigator, and in my darkest moments, having thugs crack some skulls.
Then I accepted that I couldn’t fix the situation, I could only let it go. My future was no longer in that business. I decided to patiently let my life transition unfold, and spent four months renovating my house. I learned plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. By the end I felt my self-confidence return and I had found a tenant to pay my mortgage.

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