Yoga For Thyroid | 7 Effective Asanas To Regulate Thyorid Imbalance by Dr. Noopur #thyroid #yoga

Two of the most common conditions are:
Hyperthyroidism: This is when the thyroid produces an excessive quantity of thyroid hormones. The underlying cause of hyperthyroidism may be Graves’ disease or an overactive thyroid.
Hypothyroidism: This is when thyroid hormone production is too low. This is often caused by an autoimmune disease that has damaged the thyroid.
Some evidence also exists that supports a more direct link between yoga and improved thyroid function.
small study conducted in 2014 found that yoga improved thyroid function. However, the study noted that further studies with more participants were needed to draw firm conclusions.
2016 studyTrusted Source
 found that 6 months of yoga practice helped to improve cholesterol levels and levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). This reduced the need for thyroid replacement therapy in women suffering from hypothyroidism.Inversions help increased blood flow to the throat. Yoga researchers believe this helps to stimulate the thyroid.
The Sanskrit name for this pose is Sarvangasana.
To do a supported shoulder stand, a person should:
lie down flat on the back
place a folded towel or blanket under the shoulders to support them
bring the shoulders to the edge of the towel while resting the head on the mat
place the arms on either side with palms facing down
press arms and back firmly into the floor
breathe in and lift legs up at a right angle
breathe out and lift legs up, pushing up onto the shoulders
push hands into the lower back to support the hips
keep the stomach pulled in, so the core is strong
hold the body and legs in a straight line up from the shoulders
keep the chin tucked into the chest
breathe deeply three timesTo do the Plow Pose, a person should begin in the same way as for a shoulder stand.
Rather than holding the legs up in a straight line from the shoulders, they should:
bring the legs right over and behind their head
rest their toes on the floor behind their head
keep their lower back supported with their hands throughout
breathe deeply three times
bring the legs back above the head
slowly lower the legs back to the floor, keeping the core engaged
The Plow is a safe pose, but it may feel uncomfortable for people who are overweight or women with larger breasts.
If a person feels like the Plow Pose makes breathing difficult, they should slowly come out of the position.
lower the legs back down slowly, keeping the core engaged