Episode 4 – Empowering your health and pregnancy with Kelly LeVeque

Episode 4 – Empowering your health and pregnancy with Kelly LeVeque

Want to learn more about optimizing YOUR diet and fertility?

My interview with holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque will show just how to do that.

Kelly LeVeque is a wellness expert, celebrity health coach, and the best-selling author of Body Love & Body Love Every Day.

If you don’t know Kelly, you’re going to love her.

Her passion for human nutrition coupled with an insatiable curiosity about how the body works drive Kelly to diligently study and share the latest research, making it tangible for everyone.

Kelly’s practical and always optimistic approach to wellness helps people worldwide to improve their health, achieve their goals, and develop sustainable, lifelong habits.

I hope you enjoy the interview and feel empowered with the knowledge Kelly shares!

0:00 – Dr. Ben Lynch & Holistic Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque — Optimizing Diet & Fertility

Welcome to this week’s interview with Kelly LeVeque, an intellectually curious woman, mother, and holistic nutritionist. I’m Dr. Ben Lynch, and this is The Dirty Genes Podcast.
High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, miscarriage, morning sickness, and a statement that puts it all together, “The minute you know the science and the education, then you are self-motivated.”

4:54 – Internal vs. External Beauty
Dr. Ben Lynch: How do we shift the mindset of focusing on external us and start focusing on that there is tremendous beauty on the inside, and if you have the beauty on the inside, then the outside will follow, and not only that, but you’ll feel phenomenal!

Kelly LeVeque: A lot of people that I’m working with will come to me with goals and pain points, but I will say, when it comes to beauty on the inside, it’s showing up on the outside.

10:03 – Learn How Food Affects You
Dr. Ben Lynch: What I’m hearing over and over again is you have the ability to do it if you understand how.

14:46 – Intuitive Eating
Dr. Ben Lynch: If you eat something and you get tired, it’s like, “Oh yeah, it’s normal to become tired after you eat,” because what becomes routine becomes normal, and you need to be aware and mindful, checking in, tuning in, as I mentioned in the book, Dirty Genes, over and over again, tune in to how you’re feeling.

18:53 – What is Fat Adapted?
Dr. Ben Lynch: So in your words, what is fat adapted?

Kelly LeVeque: Fat adapted means that your body has the ability to burn fat as fuel. And so, in every single cell, we have mitochondria and we can either burn sugar or we can burn ketones, a fat substrate. And what is so amazing about being fat adapted, it means that you’re burning off your sugar, your insulin levels drop low enough to where all of a sudden, when you run out of sugar, your body switches over. I like to tell my clients, it’s like they’re a Prius and they have gas in the tank and they have a battery, and gas is glucose and battery is fat, and you can use both forms of fuel.

21:56 – Miscarriage: Loss and Learning
Dr. Ben Lynch: Yeah. And then I want to shift into your pregnancy, because pregnancy is something that is extremely, well, it’s an amazing moment for one, as a parent, but also as a health professional to support people to have a healthy pregnancy. Because if you have a healthy pregnancy, A, you feel great, B, you have an amazing, healthy child, and, C, you’re supporting your next generation in your family of grandchildren.

26:06 – Born from Pain: Success
Dr. Ben Lynch: That’s exactly why you and I are talking right now. From our pain, our biggest pains, come our biggest successes. And you see that when you hear about certain people who are just crushing it in various areas in their life, if you go back in their history, they were not doing that prior.

29:27 – Fertility & Nutrient Levels
Kelly LeVeque: I’ve known in the past from blood tests like NutrEval that I’m low in B6 and I’m low in B12. And so I think when you look at the market of prenatal vitamins, you will find that people are putting sometimes improper forms of vitamins, like folic acid. But beyond improper forms, they’re at really low doses in comparison to if someone’s coming from a deficient place.

33:16 – Prenatals Before Pregnancy
Kelly LeVeque: Because if that is the straw that broke the camel’s back, I’m going to be mad at myself for that first trimester with pregnancy. But I will tell you, I just think it’s insurance. For me, it’s insurance to know that my nutrient levels are high.

35:48 – Optimizing Fertility
Kelly LeVeque: Well, I just think that there is a lot of blame that can happen for people when they don’t feel their best. We’re talking a lot about pregnancy and there are so many women that are facing infertility right now, and doctors will call it unexplained infertility. And I think what we have to do as humans is be resilient, and like Brene Brown talks about is, tell ourselves the story and find purpose in what’s happening in our life. If someone is going through infertility, I just want them to know that my heart goes out to you.