Podcast 198 Are wellness trends harming your mental health? + The brain benefits of open-mindedness

Podcast 198 Are wellness trends harming your mental health? + The brain benefits of open-mindedness

The wellness world can be overwhelming. There is so much advice out there, much of which is conflicting, that it is sometimes hard to know what to do or even who to believe. It can also affect our mental health, making us feel guilty if something that promises to “change your life forever” doesn’t work for us, or if we fail to do all 700 things we need to do each day to be healthy. In this podcast, I speak with successful entrepreneur and founder of the global wellness platform MindBodyGreen Jason Wachob about this wellness paradox, the current state of wellness industry, how to avoid wellness fads and trends, how to navigate the wellness industry so it helps, not harms, your mental health, the importance of being open-minded and curious, the best wellness advice from top experts, how to run a successful business and more!

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