Top Fitness Trends for 2021

Top Fitness Trends for 2021

Will health clubs go the way of Blockbuster? Where will you exercise? Will leg warmers make a comeback???

For a number of years I’ve written the annual fitness trends blog for the American Council on Exercise – you can see the one for 2021 here:

My work as a consultant, blogger and podcast host gives me unique access to top decision makers in the industry and I use that access to identify the ways that we will all be sweating in the coming year.

However, I might have overlooked something or missed a trend – if you have any trends to add, please do so in the comments below…

Are there any fitness questions that you would like me to answer on a Quick Fit Tip? Please leave the question in the comments
(To stay within my scope of practice, I will only answer exercise-related questions)

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