#1 Juicing Mistake to Avoid To Get Maximum Benefit from Juice

Here’s how to NOT juice…
Loading Up On the Sweet Stuff
This is by far the most common juicing mistake and it’s so easy to make since, well, sweet is yummy. Which is why most of us start our juicing journey with the sweetest produce we can get our hands on. Like tons and tons of fruit. And the sweetest of the vegetables like carrots and beets.While these sweet fruits and vegetables have nutritional benefits, by juicing them, we are removing the fiber which paces how quickly we’re able to consume the sugars found in these sweet foods. This means you can quickly end up drinking more sugar than is good for youNatural sugars, like those found in fruit, are not as bad as processed sugars, but sugar is still sugar and too much of it is not beneficial for your health nor your waistline.Use sweet fruits and vegetables to your advantage by adding just a bit of it to sweeten low-calorie, low-sugar, high-nutrition vegetable juices. That little it of sweet fruit goes a long way to please your taste buds! Also, there are a bunch of delicious low sugar fruits you can take advantage of to keep sugar at a minimum!
Juicing the Same Old Stuff
A wise woman once said, Routine is the route to boredom.Diversity is key to healthy juicing as consuming a wide range of fruits and vegetables ensure you’re getting the unique benefits of each kind of produce and supplying your body with a balanced profile of vitamins and minerals. Not to mention that juicing the same old stuff over and over again could lead to not-so-great consequences like turning orange or overdoing it on alkaloids or other phytotoxins.Drink your fresh juice on an empty stomach. This ensures that the vital vitamins and minerals in the fresh juice can quickly be absorbed into your bloodstream rather than sitting atop undigested food residue in your stomach, waiting to be processed and dying a slow death.
Downing Your Juice Like a Shot of Cheap Tequilajuicing mistakes
Or vodka. Or any liquid you’re trying to ram down as fast as possible without tasting what it has to offer.The thing about juicing is that it supplies your body with a huge amount of vital nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes – stuff that your body is not used to when you’re transitioning from a life of mostly processed foods. You can experience detox symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and even acne during this period while your body tries to purge itself of accumulated toxins.
9 Juicing Mistakes that Make You Fat and Sick – and How to Avoid Them