1 minute Sugar free Ice cream | 2 Ingredients HEALTHY Dessert

Halo Top Dairy Free was all the rage when it was first released. In fact, they quickly ascended to 16 flavors! Sadly, more than half of those have been discontinued. They’re still quite popular, just not as broadly as the company had anticipated. Their flavors sound very enticing, but make no mistake, this is a low calorie frozen dessert. For many people, it cures sugar cravings, but it isn’t extremely decadent. And be careful to select the dairy-free varieties. They make dairy-based frozen desserts in similar flavors, so the two are easy to confuse.

  • Sweeteners: organic cane sugar, erythritol, organic stevia leaf extract
  • Calories per 1/2 cup: 70 to 110
  • Sugars per 1/2 cup: 4 to 10 grams (+ 5 to 6 grams sugar alcohol)