10 Tips for Better Mental Health

Here are a few everyday mental health tips to help you elevate your mood and become more resilient. 

  1. Practice self-care and make yourself a priority.
    The first step in practicing self-care is to take care of your body. In order to do this it is important to:
    – Eat a healthy diet – research has shown that what you eat—and don’t eat—affects the way you think and feel.
    – Exercise, which can help decrease depression and anxiety and improve moods.
    – Get enough sleep.
  2. Disconnect from electronics and social media.
    Consider adding an electronics-free time period to your day. Taking time to unplug and disconnect from the constant stream of emails and alerts will allow you to interact with people face to face and will help reduce the many feelings of FOMO that social media can often stir-up.
  3. Engage in activities that provide meaning.
    Partake in activities that make you feel happy, productive, and challenge your creativity. Whether through drawing, taking an exercise class, going out to dinner with friends or caring for a pet, spending quality time with those who matter to you can make you feel good