11 Habits To Start Feeling HAPPIER Beginning Today

Depression can stall you from doing things that might make a difference in the long term, like visiting supportive friends and family.
Reminders on your phone, computer, or tablet, can help refocus your attention on activities you might otherwise pass by. Writing these reminders in goal-form can also remind you it’s something that can help you feel a sense of accomplishment.
Research suggests a sense of accomplishment is one of five effective positive-psychology interventions for depression, along with:
positive relationships
An example of a goal-oriented reminder may be setting an alarm to call a supportive friend. Not only might you gain a sense of accomplishment after completing the task, you may also tick the boxes for pleasure, engagement, meaning, and positive relationships.ResearchTrusted Source
 suggests, the more feel-good things you do, and the more often you do them, the better your chances may be of beating depression in the long term.
You can add positive moments into your day through:
gratitude journaling
acts of kindness toward others
participating in volunteer or charity work
keeping track of positive moments, no matter how small
joining a worldly causeWhen you live with depression, you may notice your personal care starts to decline. You might start by skipping the shower. Brushing your hair may feel like a chore. Maybe you don’t remember when you last brushed your teeth.
A small, cross-sectional studyTrusted Source
 found married women who self-pampered were less likely to experience depression compared to married women who didn’t self-pamper.
It’s possible, however, like with diet, that people who pamper themselves more are more likely to have other beneficial mental and physical behaviors, which might explain lower rates of depression.