17 Secrets Your Dog Knows About You

Some of us are being taught to detect different types of cancer by smelling certain chemicals that cancer cells can emit. In some studies, we were 88 percent accurate in detecting breast cancer, and 99 percent accurate in detecting lung cancer.
Look out for these silent signs that your dog is sick.We’ve learned your schedule, and we know roughly when to expect you back at the house each day. But even if you do get home at an odd hour, I can pick out the sound of your particular car coming down the street, and I am always listening for it.Do I sleep cuddled up next to your bed instead of in my usual spot when your spouse is out of town? Do I stay closer to your leg than normal when we walk through a dark area? I can smell the adrenaline your body releases when you’re scared, and I’m also more vigilant anytime someone in the household is missing.
13 revealing secrets your dog knows about you