3 Stress-Management Techniques for Front Line Workers

 In fact, in a recent Harris poll of more than 2,000 American adults conducted for the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC), 68% of those surveyedsaid that they or someone in their household have delayed healthcare during the pandemic.

While it may have felt like the safest option at the time, experts fear that this delay in preventive healthcare may lead patients to experience negative health outcomes in the future.5 Facts About Johnson & Johnson’s Investigational Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate

The key to overcoming fears and helping patients feel comfortable about returning to healthcare facilities? Clear communication from their doctors, including up-to-date info about hospital and officesanitization procedures and testing policies.

Nearly 20% of people from a JJMD internal patient tracker data analysis said they were more likely to go forward with surgery or a medical procedure if they received a personal call from their physician, and those who did not receive any information were 40% more likely to delay care during the pandemic.