4 Common Signs A Relationship Will FAIL… | The Gottman Doctors

Constant Conflict: Disagreements are normal, but if you and your partner are constantly fighting, especially about the same issues with no resolution, it can strain the relationship.
Poor Communication: Healthy communication is key. If you can’t openly express your thoughts and feelings to each other, or if conversations are filled with criticism, contempt, or stonewalling (shutting down), it can create a big disconnect.
Lack of Trust: A strong relationship is built on trust. If there’s a pattern of lying, jealousy, or possessiveness, it can be difficult to feel secure and happy.
No Intimacy: Intimacy includes emotional connection and physical closeness. If you feel emotionally distant or there’s a lack of physical intimacy, it can be a sign the spark is fading.
Unequal Effort: Relationships thrive on mutual effort. If one person constantly puts in more time, care, and emotional labor while the other neglects their part, resentment can build.
Different Values and Goals: While compromise is important, having fundamentally different values or goals for the future (e.g., desire for children, finances) can lead to major clashes down the line.
Disrespect: Respect is essential. If your partner puts you down, belittles you, or is abusive (verbally, emotionally, or physically), it’s a serious red flag.
No Happiness or Growth: Healthy relationships should bring joy and a sense of growth. If you’re constantly unhappy, unfulfilled, or feel like you’re not growing together, it might be a cause for concern.
It’s important to remember that these are just signs, and not every relationship that experiences one of these will fail. However, if you’re noticing several of these red flags, it might be a good idea to either try to work on the issues together through couples therapy or consider if the relationship is healthy for you in the long run.