4 Reasons Why Caffeine Makes Workouts Better | Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.

Researchers have studied how caffeine can enhance a person’s physical performance during exercise. In particular, they observed how it affects muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular abilities.
One 2018 systematic reviewTrusted Source
 of multiple studies found that even moderate doses of pre-performance caffeine could enhance individual athletic performance.
Another systematic review looked at caffeine’s effect depending on the duration of a workout or athletic event. The researchers found that it may be particularly useful in enhancing the performance of endurance athletes.
Some research indicates caffeine may improve muscle performance, but it is not clear why or how much. One 2017 study showed a small improvement in lower leg power.
Additionally, a small study of Spanish Jiu-Jitsu athletes found that consuming 3 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per kilogram (kg) of body weight before a workout increased their one and two leg vertical jump height.
One 2019 review noted that many of these studies looked at young people, men, and athletes. The authors say more research is needed in women, older adults, and non-athletes.