5 Extreme Natural Disasters Caught On Camera

Your emergency preparedness kit should be equipped with non-perishable food that is calorically dense. Non-perishable food has a long shelf life, doesn’t need refrigeration, and, ideally, is lightweight and easy to carry. One of the best options for a non-perishable food source are high-calorie energy bars. These bars might not be something you’d eat on a daily basis, but in the event of a natural disaster, they’re the perfect food to have handy. Energy bars give you a significant amount of calories, helping you stay full longer.  

When natural disasters happen, access to food can easily be restricted by power outages and damage to infrastructure. It’s essential to have food with you that you can count on instead of assuming that you’ll have access to a grocery store under all circumstances. Being prepared for a natural disaster means having everything you’d need handy to stay alive for up to 72 hours without access to outside sources of food and water. In your emergency kit, pack sources of food that are high in calories and have a long shelf life, packing enough for every member of your family.

Other sources of non-perishable food include canned goods, crackers, and trail mix, but these can weigh more and take up a more significant amount of space in your emergency kit. In addition, some cans of food can explode when dropped or jostled, which leaves you at risk of ending up with an emergency kit that is soaked in SpaghettiOs or canned beans. In general, the best option for emergency kit food is something that gives you the most energy possible while taking up the least space possible. For this reason, energy bars are always a safe and reliable go-to.

In addition to food, you’ll also want to make sure to have water on hand in a compact and easily transportable form. The best form of water to keep in your emergency kit is water in pouches, which are easier to carry than bottles. Packing water pouches instead of bottles will save you precious space in your emergency kit, so that it’s easy to store and take on the go.