5 Natural Stress Remedies

Some stress is unavoidable, of course, but even when you can’t make life totally stress-free, there are ways to reduce its impact: 1. Caffeine-free Hydration: caffeine has stimulatory properties that can upset your sleep, digestion, and mood, and actually make you feel more restless and on edge. 2. Minimize Blood Sugar Changes: choose whole-food snacks and minimize your intake of sweets to help balance your blood sugar levels. 3. Daily Exercise and Relaxation: exercise is an excellent stress-reliever and an excellent way to keep the negative effects of stress at bay. 4. Boost Your Mood with Aromatic Plants: Whether you’re feeling sad, stressed, or nervous, breathing in the aroma of natural essential oils from plants such as lavender, bergamot, and lemon may help improve your mood 5. Herbs & Vitamins: a variety of nutrients are vital for a normal stress response. B vitamins are important for nervous system function, as is magnesium, which we need for muscle relaxation.