5 Secrets To Finding The Right Person For You

True love isn’t just a feeling but it involves deep feelings of passion, warmth, tenderness, sentiment, and desire for your partner, unconditionally.Regardless, true love is very wildly sought out. Everyone wants to find their ‘one true love’ and remain in love till death does them part. 
However, true love is not only about longevity and it may not be limited to just one person per lifetime. In fact, there are a truckload of things people don’t know about true love, so if you’re currently in a hot, spicy relationship and you’re wondering, “what is true love, really?” then stick around and I’ll point out 17 characteristics of true love. One definition of true love is unconditional love. If your feelings towards your partner come with no strings attached, that’s a tell-tale sign that you’ve found true love. It doesn’t just end there, however, these feelings have to be reciprocated. This means that, no matter what the circumstance may be, your feelings don’t change towards each other. 
For example, if you and your partner happened to go into debt or if you found out he had a drug or alcohol addiction, would you still care aboutAnother thing that defines true love is complete and total acceptance. True love isn’t just about loving your partner’s best qualities, it also means accepting them for exactly who they are. This means that you need to fall in love, care for and accept them even if they hate some of the things you love. 
Or they don’t agree with certain things you believe in, or there are some things about themselves that they still need to work on. 
Acceptance is all about understanding that your partner may never be ‘perfect’ but you love them just the way they are. This is also where understanding comes in, you fully understand that they’re who they are and you’re not trying to change them into who you think they should be. him? Would you stand by him till the problem was solved or managed? If you can honestly say you would, then you may just have found true love.
What Is True Love? (17 Things That Define True Love)