#65 – What’s the Difference Between Diet & Nutrition | Cathy Leman from Dam Mad About Cancer

Meet Cathy

In October 2014, seven weeks after completing the Chicago Half-Marathon where I logged a PR (personal record) and felt like a million bucks, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC).

Breast cancer. ER/PR+ breast cancer, to be exact.

To this day, I marvel at how my body could harbor a disease whose goal was to kill me, while at the same time be in peak physical condition.

Turns out there were other factors at play; hormones, tissue density, and “cancer poop” aka micro-calcifications.

Even though those factors were out of my control, being well nourished and physically strong aided my ability to get through treatment and head into survivorship and beyond from a place of strength. . . .and I’ve made it my mission to help you do that, too.