All Natural Cold Process Lotion in 15 Minutes

Any time you apply something to your skin, including lotion, it’s absorbed into your body. Because the beauty industry is vastly unregulated, body lotions can have thousands of chemicals, some of which you surely wouldn’t want on your skin! The US Food & Drug Administration has only banned eight of the 12,000 ingredients used in cosmetics. Many chemicals in beauty products are considered harmless and “generally recognized as safe” as long as they haven’t caused complications to people in the past.
Since there is such a minimal approval process when it comes to personal care products, you have to advocate for yourself. You must learn about the ingredients in the lotion and decide for yourself if you’re comfortable with what’s inside the bottle. Some synthetic chemicals found in body lotion can cause concerning issues like:
Skin irritation: Certain chemicals might harm the surface of your skin. The area it’s applied might end up itchy and red. You might even notice sores and bumps. It’s possible that you might be allergic to certain chemicals in the lotion.
Endocrine disruption: Some chemicals interfere with the hormonal systems in the body, possibly leading to health complications. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, even small changes are known to have significant developmental and biological effects.
Carcinogenic risk: Carcinogens are any substance that promote the formation of cancer. These compounds usually damage your DNA or disrupt your body’s cellular metabolic process.