Aquariums Relieve Stress for Cancer Patients

When it comes to having a pet, they not only provide us with companionship by making us feel secure, accepted and happy, but also they act as an anchor or stable force that helps one cope with the stresses of everyday life. Their unconditional love gives our mental and physical health a boost, and for this reason there is much to be said about the responses humans have had to pet therapy as an alternative or supplementary treatment to help reduce stress, as well as treat a whole range of medical and emotional ailments.Dogs, cats, dolphins, and many other types of social animals have been used for years for this type of therapy, with encouraging, positive results. But what about using a fish aquarium in this way? Does aquarium pet therapy have any beneficial health merits?

Therapeutic Benefits of Fish Tanks in Public Spaces
People visit public places every day, and it seems more and more often that aquarium display tanks are being seen. We are hypnotized by their peaceful and serene nature, creating a calming effect for a few moments in our hectic lives. For example, have you ever been sitting impatiently and anxiously in a doctors’ overcrowded office or a hospital emergency room waiting area that has had an aquarium in it? You stared into this wonderful miniature water world before your eyes and seemed less agitated and anxious. You may have felt more willing to temporarily accept that things are just the way they are, rather than get more upset or worried.

From your own experiences, no matter where the location of an aquarium you may have been seen was, did you feel this same type of stress reducing response? It’s no wonder. Researchers are finding that fish aquariums, whether salt or freshwater, do have therapeutic health benefits.