Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

The bodybuilding legend starts off his day early at 7:00 am with a bike ride to Gold’s Gym, getting a prime body workout going before he even gets to his destination. The video shows Schwarzenegger riding through the streets of Santa Monica towards Venice—waving enthusiastically at people who recognize him on the 2-plus mile ride—before the governor takes some selfies with fans at the gym. 

The workout at Gold’s starts off with some basic bicep workouts before jumping into chest and arm exercises. When asked why he likes to put other people through workouts, Schwarzenegger responds that he likes working out with partners, and that adding other people to the mix makes it “fun.” Schwarzenegger added that working out doesn’t always have to be an “intense thing,” and that you can “laugh and have a good time” while still getting in shape.

Schwarzenegger also couldn’t help but point out that the gym has ‘Pumping Iron’ playing on the big screen “24 hours a day,” giving him a look at the “before and after” of his workouts. 

Schwarzenegger shows off his daily workout routine