Back Pain and Diet: Foods that Heal & Foods that Inflame

A Diet Plan You Deserve

I was soon going to be thirty years old and couldn’t believe I was in this place. An overweight couch potato was not what I had envisioned when I was starting my twenties.

When you’re young everyone tells you that you need to do what makes you happy. This advice was confusing to me because it seemed as if sugar made me happy, but I ate a lot of it and I was miserable.

I knew in my gut that my eating and weight problems were causing my dissatisfaction with life, but those problems were so big and all of the solutions seem so pointless.

  • I tried diets that expected me to flip a switch and become a health nut overnight. They were overwhelming.
  • I tried diets that held out the promise that small changes like drinking more water and chewing my food 20 times would solve the weight problems that had been dogging me for years. They didn’t work.
  • I tried diets that made me measure and weigh everything I ate and count every calorie. They were frustrating.

I knew that if I were going to get past the problem of being overweight, I would need to figure out a plan that was effective but didn’t rob my life of joy or take over my life.

I couldn’t find that diet, so I created my own, and now I want to share the plan with you, so you can stop micromanaging your diet and take control of your weight.