Best Hand Exercises for Computer Users (Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

There is some evidence supporting the use of exercise — such as minor strength training, yoga, and massage — in the curing of mild RSI and CTS. According to a study by Ünver and Akyolcu in 2011 performed on Hemodialys patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, grip strength and general physical examination scores improved in approximately 21% of patients within the first month and 34% of patients by the third month. It was concluded that hand exercises such as using a exercise ball should be considered as a practical treatment for Hemodialys patients with mild CTS before other more invasive treatments are sought.

Evidence also exists to show the efficacy of hand splints and hand exercises in the treatment of CTS. In a study involving two groups of patients, statistically significant improvement was seen with CTS in both groups- one wearing a hand splint nightly for 4 weeks, the other practicing nerve and tendon gliding exercises in addition.