Build Strong Feet: Exercises To Strengthen Your Foot & Ankle

Toe raises: This is a simple but effective exercise that can be done anywhere. Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Slowly raise your heels off the ground as high as you can, then lower them back down. Repeat 10-15 times.

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Toe raises exercise

2. Calf raises: This exercise targets the muscles in your calves, which are important for ankle stability. Stand on a step or curb with your toes hanging over the edge. Slowly lower your heels down until you feel a stretch in your calves, then push up on your toes to return to the starting position. Repeat 10-15 times.

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Calf raises exercise

3. Single-leg heel raises: This exercise is more challenging than regular calf raises and works your balance as well as your ankle strength. Stand on one leg and raise your heel off the ground as high as you can. Lower your heel back down and repeat with the other leg. Do 10-15 reps on each leg.

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Singleleg heel raises exercise

4. Towel pulls: This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles on the front of your shin, which are important for dorsiflexion (pulling your toes up towards your shin). Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Loop a towel around your foot and pull it towards you, keeping your heel flat on the ground. Repeat 10-15 times with each leg.

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Towel pulls exercise

5. Marble pickups: This exercise is a fun way to improve your dexterity and foot strength. Sit on the floor with a small bowl of marbles in front of you. Use your toes to pick up the marbles one at a time and place them in another bowl. Repeat until you have moved all of the marbles.

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Marble pickups exercise

6. Walking on heels: This exercise can help to strengthen your calves and ankles, as well as improve your balance. Walk around for a few minutes on your heels, keeping your back straight and your core engaged.

7. Barefoot walking: Walking barefoot on sand, grass, or other uneven surfaces can help to strengthen your feet and ankles and improve your proprioception (your sense of body position).

8. Resistance band exercises: You can use resistance bands to perform a variety of exercises that target the muscles in your ankles and feet. For example, you can loop a resistance band around your foot and do toe raises, calf raises, or ankle circles.

9. Yoga: Yoga can be a great way to improve your overall strength and flexibility, including your ankles and feet. There are many yoga poses that specifically target these areas, such as Downward-Facing Dog, Warrior Pose, and Tree Pose.

10. Pilates: Pilates is another form of exercise that can help to strengthen your ankles and feet. There are many Pilates exercises that focus on these areas, such as the Single Leg Circle and the Footwork Series.

It is important to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of your exercises as you get stronger. If you experience any pain, stop the exercise and consult with a doctor or physical therapist.

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