Coronavirus: Mental Health and Wellness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

America is experiencing information overload more than ever before and it looks like it’ll only increase. With increased knowledge comes increased responsibility. Technology has boomed over the centuries but we’re not here to say that technology itself is a bad thing. You may have even been able to access this article through your phone, or through a shared link. Technology is very helpful and benefits our lives. It is a part of our jobs, social network, emergencies, finding useful information.

But, and this is a big but – Just as we can become addicted to alcohol, drugs, and other things, we can become addicted to our screens. Has your phone replaced your brain? The concern now lies in how integrated our smartphones have become in our lives. We now rely on our phones for basic human functions. Do you find yourself not able to recall how to navigate to destinations without using a GPS system in your phone? I’m reminded me of the times when I’d have to pull out my folding map, squint, and call out directions using the map. Relying on landmarks was necessary, and “paved” the way for us to remember how to get around. Now, our reliance on smartphones have discouraged our ability to reason and analyze and have instead increased our desire for instant gratification. Now, we’re hardly able to cope without our phones in our hands.