COVID-19: Diet and Nutrition Tips for Kidney Disease Patients

arly diagnosis is very important in making your condition more manageable. You can slow down the progression of your kidney disease if you have complete knowledge of stages of kidney disease. Here are some of the steps that will help improve your life expectancy with kidney disease if diagnosing it early.

1.  Control the Blood Pressure

You can slow the rate of your kidney disease by maintaining good blood pressure. This is especially beneficial for people with diabetes and protein in their urine. Work with your physician to learn how you can keep your blood pressure below 130/85 to slow the rate of kidney disease. People with diabetes should strive to keep their blood pressure below 125/75. Exercising, losing weight, eating less, meditation and lowering your salt intake will also help keep your blood pressure in check. Your doctor may prescribe ACE inhibitors to help keep your blood pressure within the desired level. Meantime, be sure to take your medication as prescribed by your doctor to control the rate of damage to your kidneys.